The Top 10 Most Popular Torrenting Sites of 2023: Pirate Bay Alternatives

The most widely used torrenting website is by far The Pirate Bay. But occasionally, this website isn't accessible. Even worse, in some nations, it's blocked. However, this does not mean that people immediately stop downloading torrents. There are many other websites that would make excellent substitutes for The Pirate Bay:

piratebay alternatives
  • Best for television, music, and movies is 1337X
  • RARBG: the most popular alternative with continuous updates
  • YTS: most user-friendly
  • EZTV: most TV shows
  • Zooqle: best for video game torrents
  • Torrentz2: largest music library
  • TorrentDownloads: best for obscure books, software, and Asian content
  • most efficient searches
  • LimeTorrents: best for new releases
  • Kickass Torrents: big library with many seeders
Are you a torrent user? Always check the legality of the content you're downloading. In addition, it's always advisable to use a VPN to remain anonymous while downloading and safeguard yourself from online risks

If you want to know more about how to stay safe while torrenting, click here. That said, let’s get into our roundup of the best alternatives for The PirateBay

Top 1337x Alternatives, Best Websites

The most well-liked torrenting websites that people utilise instead of The Pirate Bay are listed below. This summary is designed to be educational. If you want to download torrents from any of these websites, be sure the torrents you download are legal to avoid accidently getting yourself into trouble.


you can find all movies hindi english etc also webseries on Vofomovies torrent site. there is also somes shorts films are available, they have torrents of other sites like RARBG, The Pirate Bay, kickass, limetorrents, 1337x torrents, and more, we noticed there magents are mostly comes from torrentgalaxy torrenting sites and more. but you find all things on single page, they contain more web series torrents, particularly for older releases and new also. Consequently, vofomovies isn't always a good substitute. you can check the big uploders below.

1. 1337X

The movie, television, and music selection on 1337X is excellent. There may also be some torrents of video games available. However, other options, including RARBG and The Pirate Bay, unquestionably contain more game torrents, particularly for older releases. Consequently, 1337X isn't always a good substitute.

There is a slightly contentious plot in 1337X. Despite having an extensive collection, it was a terribly terrible site for a very long period that very few people really utilised. It also contained a lot of malware that was attempting to masquerade as legitimate torrent files. A few years ago, the owners remade the site and cleaned their library of viruses. Now it’s one of the best Pirate Bay alternatives, especially due to its high download speeds and virtually no ads


Since its debut in 2008, RARBG has been a direct rival of Pirate Bay. Their statistics are quite similar: RARBG has over 40 million monthly visits, has a respectable download speed, a sizable library, and a few more features.

The fact that RARBG is updated more frequently than The Pirate Bay is one of its finest features. Its user interface is also functional; it shows the top ten lists for several categories so you can keep up with the newest releases. On its home page, there is a news section as well.

RARBG, however, has a less attractive appearance than The Pirate Bay. There are more intrusive pop-up advertising on it. It's still a respectable substitute, but not nearly the top torrenting website.

3. YTS

A great website for anyone looking to download movies is YTS. In contrast to other torrenting websites, the site is incredibly user-friendly and only offers movie torrents. Most torrent websites have ugly lists of torrents, but YTS organises its trackers by displaying movie covers, which results in a pleasant user interface.

They also have respectable numbers. According to our studies, YTS has 75 million monthly users and an average download speed of 3 to 4 MB/s. Additionally, the site's general design is smooth, and advertising aren't really a huge issue.

Users of YTS also value the ease with which they can frequently discover HD or SD versions of the movies they want, depending on their device or bandwidth requirements. To top it all off, the YTS collection is outstanding; despite the fact that these torrents sometimes contain unlawful content, it's pretty much the only torrenting site that offers classics in excellent resolution.


Large numbers of individuals picking EZTV do so in light of the fact that they think of it as the most ideal decision with regards to Television programs. By and large, it isn't the most gorgeous site around. EZTV has a burdensome connection point, a fairly revolting plan, and their promotions can get pretty irritating. What's more, it has a low download speed.

All things considered, it's viewed as the ruler of Television programs in the torrenting scene, with an exceptionally dynamic local area that continues to transfer new deliveries when they're live.

5. Zooqle

Zooqle probably won't seem like a lot. It just has around 5 million guests every month, and a download speed of 1-2 MB/s, so it plainly isn't heavenly by examination. Also, the numerous advertisements it has can get irritating now and again.

All things being equal, it has a couple of things making it work. To begin with, Zooqle has a great assortment of computer game deluges, both for control center and PC. Second, it has a functioning local area that continues to refresh its library. At long last, the connection point isn't awful by the same token.

So while Zooqle isn't precisely a behemoth in the torrenting scene, individuals certainly use it as a Pirate Bay Alternative. This is particularly the situation when they can't find the game they're searching for elsewhere.

6. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 most certainly isn't the best torrenting site around, as its numbers show. It just has 10-20 million clients every month and a 1-2 MB/s download speed. The site frequently encounters free time, is difficult to explore, and is filled with advertisements. So why remember it for our rundown?

We included it for its music library. It's the biggest assortment in the torrenting scene, implying that even clients searching for additional dark titles will in all probability find what they're searching for here. As a rule, individuals possibly utilize this site as a Pirate Bay elective when they can't find the tunes or collections they're searching for elsewhere. Other than that, the overall exhortation is to stay away.

7. TorrentDownloads

Consideration: This deluge site will at times open an additional program tab with ads. We're not really content with that.
TorrentDownloads is another elective certain individuals use when The Pirate Bay isn't adequate. In any case, it isn't awesome. Its promotions are truly irritating, it just elements a download speed of 2-3 MB/s, it's geo-obstructed in a ton of districts, and it's rapidly losing prominence, regardless of whether it used to be a major name in the torrenting scene.

Individuals that actually use it, will generally be searching for dark books, programming, or Asian substance. Its library appears to do well in those classifications. Other than that, TorrentDownloads isn't really among the best Pirate Bay other options.

8. isn't a torrenting site in the exemplary feeling of the word, as it doesn't have its own library. Rather, monitors deluges transferred on famous locales like YTS, The Pirate Bay, or RARBG. This additionally implies we can't break down any singular measurements. The download speed and seeder/leecher proportion will constantly rely upon the website every particular tracker is pulled from.

This stage is a decent decision for individuals who continually wind up checking various destinations for their torrenting needs. permits them to be more effective with their ventures, since the trackers from various different sites are completely assembled in one spot.

It has a wonderful connection point and a couple of intriguing elements permitting clients to keep awake to effortlessly date on well known computerized items. This is reason enough for some normal downloaders to remember it as a Pirate Bay other option.

9. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a great decision for tracking down new deliveries. With a consistent point of interaction and an excellent seeder/leecher proportion on new downpours, most titles will download decently fast.

The normal download speed is 3-4 MB/s. It has just shy of 20 million clients a month across all mirrors and offers a lot of search choices.

Be that as it may, it's lower on our best downpour locales list since you won't track down a great deal of seeders for more established deluges, and promotion interruption can get irritating on occasion.

10. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents has been around since the 2010s and was once the most well known torrenting website on the web. While the supposed proprietor was captured in 2016 — and seven areas associated with Kickass were seized by US specialists — mediators and torrenting aficionados have made copycat locales.

The library is broad, and seeders are copious for more current deliveries. Download speeds are standard. Notwithstanding, when we began perusing as of late refreshed deluges, an obtrusive spring up promotion opened in another program, which we're never excessively partial to. This fresher form of Kickass Torrents makes downloading more enthusiastically than it presumably could be and we can't ensure its security. Thusly, this once extremely well known site finished at the lower part of our rundown.

11. Movie torrents

This option is no less important. Dedicated to fans of the series. Here you will find movie torrents content quite similar to what you would find in 1337x in terms of series and TV shows
Here you will find movies in Latin or Castilian, subtitled or in English. The languages are very diverse and you can enjoy premieres that are still only in theaters.

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